Tigers (1st Graders)


 Tiger Cubs is an exciting step in the scouting program for first grade boys (or 6 years old) excited to get going!   Tiger Cubs do stuff – lots of stuff – with their adult partners. This program is intended to open up the world to inquisitive minds along with the caring guidance of adults. Every rank advancement through the scouting program builds on the basic categories of activity done as tigers.  For more information about joining Tiger Cubs, contact chair.pack121@gmail.com


How to Join:

  1. Go to BeAScout.org
  2. Click the ‘Cub Scouts’ tab.
  3. Enter your zipcode and click the arrow button.
  4. Click on a Pack near you to see its contact info so you can call the Pack or your local Council about joining.
  5. Complete a BSA Youth Application and Health Record and give them to the Cubmaster of the Pack you choose.

The Tiger Cub program runs on two levels. The scout and his adult partner meet weekly to do activities centered around the family. Then, the scout and adult partner meet with the rest of the tiger den to fulfill Den Activity and Go See It requirements.

A little Tiger Trivia:

  • Tigers had a totem that was hung from the belt until 2006. It was replaced by a totem that hangs from the right pocket, similarly to the Wolf and Bear progress beads.
  • Tiger Cubs did not earn the Bobcat rank. In 2006, the Bobcat rank became the first rank earned by all Cub Scouts, including Tigers. The Tigers had their own motto, but now they use the Cub Scout motto.

Tiger Cub Motto:
Search, Discover, Share

For a few years, up until 2001, the Tiger Cubs had their own promise to memorize. That has been discontinued and they use the Cub Scout promise now.

Tiger Cub Promise:
I promise to love God, my family and my country,
and to learn about the world.



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