2019 Popcorn

Important Dates

  • Our sale begins NOW and ends at our October Pack meeting on the 13th.
    • All online sales count toward Scout Rewards from Aug. 1 through Dec 5.
    • Money turn in date is at the October Pack Meeting.
    • Popcorn Pickup is at the November Pack Meeting on the 10th.


Our Pack sales goal is $ 10,000! Each Scout’s sales goal is $400 of popcorn. We plan to use the money we raise to purchase a new Pinewood Derby track!


The Atlanta Area Council $750 Club Award is a backpack/ sit on cooler! Contact Katie as soon as you become eligible for the prize, and you can collect it right away!

To set up an online sales site, visit www.trails-end.com or download the Trails End app.
– We are Atlanta Area Council, Foothills District, Pack 121
-There are additional products available online
-This year shipping is free from your online sales page
-All checks are to be made out to “Pack 121”
-Use this site to sign up for Show and Sell times

We will have several show and sell events for Scouts to participate in.

Download the Trails-End app to take credit cards, enter your take orders, and to choose your sales rewards.

Full Popcorn Packet