2017 Fall Family Camping

Let’s Go Camping!

Hello Scouts!

Our first big camping trip of the season is coming up! We will be camping at Victoria Bryant State Park! This is a beautiful location and we are lucky enough to have Pioneer site one which means we will be right next to the babbling brook!  This is a family event, and we want everyone to join in the fun. (Yes, there are real bathrooms/showers with hot water!) There will be hiking, campfires, and S’mores!

We are required to have a completed Medical Form for all attendants.  Here is the form.  Please print one out for each member in your family and turn them in when you pay miss Kristy. Thank you!

Here is a basic camping checklist for your information: (Items in bold are required to camp)

Personal Camping Equipment List

  •  Tent
  •  Medications (give to the adult in charge before leaving)
  •  Sleeping bag/pillow/pad or mat
  •  Mess kit and utensils  (look at Walmart or Amazon.com)
  •  Canteen or water bottle
  •  Class A uniform for ceremonies
  •  Pants or shorts, socks, and underwear
  •  Pajamas or comfortable clothes to sleep in
  •  Coat/Hat/Gloves (for cold weather camping)
  •  Ball cap or hat and sunscreen
  •  Jacket or sweatshirt
  •  Extra pair of boots or shoes
  •  Extra socks
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and hand towel
  •  Flashlight with extra batteries
  •  Rain gear(if we all bring it, it will not rain!!!)
  •  Camp chair


Optional Gear:

  • Camera (disposable recommended)
  • Insect repellent
  • Frisbee/ball glove and ball/board games/cards /etc
  • Bible, prayer book, etc.
No alcoholic beverages
No fireworks, firearms, archery equipment, etc.
No pets
No pressurized fuel equipment unless you have BSA Pressurized Fuel Training

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone in the woods!